New partnership makes Iconic’s plans bigger and guarantees ecosystem’s creation.

Well, this is not awkward.

We have some good news and some better news. Do you have the time?

The Iconic ecosystem hasn’t even got really started yet — we just went through a successful Pre-ICO — and, even before being born, before opening our Initial Coin Offering, we’ve finalized an essential partnership: FDD Negócios Digitais S/A.

Well, that’s good news number one. We have a partner now, a strong one. With clients such as Scania, Avery Dennison, Cyrela Brazil Realty and FIA World Endurance Championship, FDD works, lives and breathes digital, big data, platform businesses — sounds familiar? Well, that’s exactly what we are and FDD is exactly what we needed. The FDD partnership makes of Iconic’s operational and financial structure a trustworthy backbone. Iconic is not a venture anymore. Iconic is now a secure digital business. Sign of that reality is the fact that the Iconic ecosystem is not just a possibility anymore, now its existence is guaranteed. We are building it as we speak, even before our ICO granted us the ways to do it.

We’ve grown up. And now we are ready to get bigger. The only thing is: growing that much up takes a little more time. We need that. And what we need from you is: for you to hold your confidence through. Our Initial Coin Offering will be open on May 1st with a new and lower softcap. Do you have the time?

People who have participated in the Pre-ICO have already been granted a gift, just to show how happy we are that things are moving forward successfully.

In other news, we are proud to announce other partnerships: Cartola — with clients such as Portal Terra, Editora Abril, Grupo RBS — is our new creation bureau and relationship manager; Moglia — with clients such as Braskem, Ambev, Boticário — is our new PR agency.

Any doubts, talk to us on telegram!