Visit the kitchen

Talking about Pre-ICO, ICO and other things

Well, if you’re here, thats because you probably already know us, you’re home here and on the Telegram groups, Twitter and other channels. So here we go, let’s do that thing that restaurants do, you know? The sign saying “Visit the kitchen”.

Here you can get to know how are we cooking our business, see the ingredients, how do the cooks look and work, and even take a peak — not a bite — at the dishes that went wrong.

We’ve cooked, starting February 9 and ending February 20, the pre-ICO phase. This may be explained as if we were to present a new dish option in a restaurant, but, before, we needed a little help to buy the ingredients, knifes, forks, glasses, not to mention those little green things that go around real food.

To get real: we needed funds to make and well present our Initial Coin Offering.

Things went well and we now have some fire to cook. Thanks to everyone involved.

We’ve sold 1,5% of our coin for 185 ETH. This is the first brazilian project to raise so much in a pre-ICO, even tough 90% of our participants were not from Brazil (you cant even begin to imagine the kind of foreign strange passports we had to look at).

Now we are in the oven and in a few weeks dinner will be ready.

We’re very happy with the numbers, specially because the way we got to them. Almost everything happened organicly, the numbers were highly based on the quality of the project, the people involved; they were not based on bots that click aimlessly on empty publicity.

It was really amazing to see the conversion stats: “conversion stats” being the number of real people that acessed the website, liked what they saw, registered, and finally invested in the Pre-ICO.

We’ve had some problems too. But the nice thing is that we’ve learned from them. Technical issues with the website, with the server (would you believe it if I said that our Business Head had to go to the server’s company main building and kick the door? They wouldn’t let us send emails to you, they thought we were spaming).

Well… all’s well that ends well. The first step is over. Now we’ve got to put plans into motion. That’s why we’ll activate part of the fund and, supervised by the escrow, begin this new phase.

The project is now alive and on fire. Smells good, can you fell it?

PS: the ICO opens March 15. Save the date!