Born n’ raising

In a few days we will be opening the doors for you to enter our Initial Coin Offering. We’re creating new coins, new money, new currencies. Can you see how futuristic that is? Can you see where we are? You and Iconic are creating, protecting, evolving virtual markets, getting currencies to be born with no countries, no governments behind it. This, my friend, is awesome.

Raised from the FDD partnership, the new Iconic website is the first thing that will be in front of your eyes and under your hands. We programmed it with care, designed it with luv, cause receiving you all ain’t some little dinner.

May 1st we’ll be opening our ICO and you’ll be able to start buying some NICs (or a lot of them). People holding NICs will be the first ones to be able to trade them for other coins inside Iconic’s ecosystem.

We’re making an ICO to create an ICO’s ecosystem, and the first ICO guaranteed to be inside Iconic’s ecosystem is Serpn, a mining project to extract an ecofriendly and necessary mineral from the grounds of Brazil, but very soon we’ll present to you our second ICO, very different in style, very new in concept. That is just fun: diversity, the range of projects that we can receive and the businesses that we can help to be funded in cryptocurrencies.

Well, can I tell everybody that you’ll be there at May 1st?

Until there, try to keep up with us on FB, Twitter, Telegram and here, on this blog!

See you all soon!


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