The ICO is ON!

Let the games begin!

We would like to inform everybody that today have started Iconic’s ICO.

We are nervous, but, to tell you the truth, not as much as before. We have been much more alone in this little wars against Time. Now, there’s a lot of people around here doing their jobs and a new partners ( There are confluent forces and you people are one or more of them.

Everything is ready, so we’ll be selling our token NIC to investors all around the world. In the first 3 days, investors will get a 20% bonus for free. If you acquire 1ETH, you’ll get 30.310NIC and a bonus of 6.062NIC. 

Other thing is that people owning NICs will get the first chance to buy in when the two ICOs inside the Iconic Ecosystem open up: (take a look, you will love it) and 

Speaking of which, have you seen this awesome video that we made It is the colorful, simple explanation of a revolutionary football project. We really recommend you to get ready to be on this, ‘cause it’s gonna explode up quick.

On other news, given the partnership with, the Iconic ecosystem software has now the operating power to be built. The new softcap is 185ETH and it was captured in the Pre-ICO. 

What does all this mean? Means that we have a green light to tell you: the Iconic Ecosystem is already a reality. We need you now and this ICO to make it huge! To impact, to reach, to touch every corner of the world.

Go to, buy yourself some NICs (or a lot of them) and Let’s Move the Chains toghether!

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