The ICO is over

Thats not all folks.

Iconic’s ICO period is now closed. The ecosystem for ICO’s will be built!

We are relatively new in this game so, in this first year of existence, we’ve been growing fast and furiously. But mostly learning and maturing.

The Pre-ICO was the craziest moment of growth,, the primary contact with the community and investor’s feedback. We’ve reached and talked to some of the big players from the crypto business and other more traditional industries.

It has been and it will still be an adaptation/creation paradox. We have to adapt to the market that we’re in, and, at the same time, grow and make this same market a better place.

We had contact with some messy parts of the business. For example, people asking astronomic values for them to promote us, or little exchanges asking 36BTC to list our token NIC there.

When these things happened, an internal alarm sounded in our minds and we thought and still think: “We have to create something different”.

Iconic Trading, for example, is one of our answers. We’re listed in decentralized exchange, Ether Delta, but the ICOs happening inside Iconic’s ecosystem won’t need to worry about this. Before anything, they will be listed in the Iconic Trading, Iconic’s own exchange.

With almost 250 ETH raised, we are very happy, but let’s be honest, the ICO did not go according to the initial plan. That’s alright. The idea the market had for us was maybe better than the idea that we had for ourselves. The money for us to start our real operation and existence came from an outside investor, interested in getting inside the blockchain business. This new partner ( came alongside with its own huge contacts. That will make the difference in the future and in the present, besides the actual investment and the technical structure that they bring to the table.

But if we’re honest, the single most exciting thing that is happening right now is our beloved and adventurous Cruzeiro Open Source. We are getting everywhere with this project. BBC, for example. From little radios to giant TV channels such as Globo.

Investors can be sure of our value through Cruzeiro Open Source. A project that is crazy enough to raise eyebrows and drop jaws at the same time, just like the blockchain business was and still is. Cruzeiro OS is the living indicator that we can and we will deliver. We can bring the blockchain technology to traditional markets like football and not only survive, but succeed.

The Cruzeiro OS project is one of the pieces that will catapult the Iconic ecosystem. Like a famous actor living in an island it will bring everyone else’s attention to our ecosystem. We’ve designed it and we’re very proud of CROS’s gigantic growth.

Many other projects are in the oven and you can rest assured that we’ll keep on moving the chains!

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